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LCP started as a demolition company, and expanded into the asbestos field because of the significant amount of crossover between the two industries. The asbestos industry is heavily regulated, and we perform all work in strict compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Gary Lasky, the Chief Asbestos Officer at LCP has over 30 years of experience in the industry. His ability to estimate projects, overcome problems and manage work efficiently has quickly made us a go-to contractor for asbestos related projects.

LCP is a women owned business (WBE) and is working through the certification process, with an active application pending approval with New York State.

Below are some questions often asked by customers regarding asbestos. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What agencies regulate the asbestos industry?

The Environmental Protection Agency, NYS Department of Labor, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS Department of Transportation, Local Code Enforcement and OSHA.

Where can I learn more?

We recommend reading NYS Code Rule 56 or contacting the NYS Department of Labor at 315-479-3215.

How much does an asbestos survey cost?

We typically charge $800 - $1,500 for a single-family house survey.

How long does an asbestos survey take?

You may receive results in 24 hours, but the most cost-effective turnaround time is about one week.

What if I do have asbestos?

Asbestos must be removed by a licensed contractor before renovation or demolition. We're licensed and certified to perform inspections and abatements and can provide a budget estimate for the removal.

How do I proceed if my building is unsafe to enter?

Controlled demolition is a safe, cost-effective option to remove structures that have been damaged beyond repair.

What is a third-party air monitor?

New York State requires that a third-party air monitoring firm test the quality of the air during asbestos and controlled demolition projects. We can coordinate with this firm, but they must be contracted directly with the owner.

What is a notification fee?

The New York State Department of Labor requires a 10-day notification. Fees range from $200 to $4,000 and are paid directly to the state. A typical notification for a controlled demolition project is $2,000.

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