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LCP Group, Inc. looks for opportunities to turn today's waste into tomorrow's resources. Many properties once had tremendous value, but have become dilapidated, contaminated or otherwise unusable.

Sometimes, the cleanup costs exceed the remaining value of the property, leaving owners in a difficult situation. We have the means to remediate properties cost-effectively, so it makes sense for owners to exchange the burden of damaged property for the cleanup.

Make an appointment for a consultation with LCP Group today to learn more about our redevelopment.

You may have seen some of our properties

We've acquired several unusable properties, remediated them and turned them back into shovel-ready real estate. Here are some examples:

  • 301 Water Street, Binghamton, NY - after a fire at 301 Water Street, the former Derby Knitting, the private owner of the building was faced with a daunting cleanup cost, and pressure from the city. We purchased the building for a dollar and handled the cleanup. A local restaurateur has now purchased the building.
  • Glann Road, Apalachin, NY - we were retained to demolish a dilapidated trailer on 88 acres, owned by an out-of-town landlord. After the demo, we purchased the property for future development.
  • 33 Montgomery Street, Binghamton, NY - this property held a barn that was caving in on itself. We purchased the property in exchange for the demo. The building was cleaned up quickly and is ready for redevelopment. 
  • 80 Frederick St, Binghamton, NY - we learned of Broome County's intent to sell this property when the county listed the property in a legal ad. The county was stuck with many unsafe structures. The cleanup cost was significant, and the danger was imminent. We worked with the county to bring the buildings down safely and exchanged the work for ownership of the property. The vacant land is now shovel-ready and primed to be back on the tax roll.
  • 111 - 115 Montgomery Street, Binghamton, NY - the Pa's Woodshed site was well known for the chair that sat on top of the building, in iconic symbol at the Gateway to Binghamton, where route 17, 81 and 88 all converge. We purchased the building sight unseen in 2012 with the intent of demolishing the building. At the first site visit, it became apparent that the building could be salvaged, and historic tax credits were available. Unfortunately, the building burned to the ground in 2014. We cleaned up the site and turned this well-situated parcel into another shovel-ready site.
  • Anderson Road, Vestal, NY - the wooded parcel at the top of Anderson Road has slowly been transformed by LCP into an equine facility with a covered bridge, cabins and soon to be a full-size skating rink.
  • Commerce Road, Vestal, NY - we acquired our current shop, as the result of a conversation about demolishing the part of the building where the truck bays now sit. Instead of disconnecting the two existing buildings, we separated the buildings with a firewall. After obtaining variances with the Town of Vestal to execute the plan, we were able to turn an unusable portion of the building into its current shop.
  • Delaware River Resorts, Deposit, NY - this section of the Delaware River is considered one of the best trout streams in the country. We constructed a town-approved road at this location, and have several building sites ready to develop.
Do you have an unusable or nuisance property that you think we could develop? Speak with us now by calling 607-592-2866.

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